BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Former Bismarck school board member Emily Eckroth and her husband are starting a new business venture downtown.

The couple, as well as a third business partner, have plans to open a new restaurant and bar they’re calling “The Jousting Lemur.”

The matter was up for an alcohol license with the city this week. A few neighbors showed up, concerned about how willing the business will be in helping the police if a situation happens at the restaurant.

Bismarck Police Chief Dave Draovitch said there have been businesses in the past that are not welcoming to law enforcement, and that there are certain procedures in place for all situations that may arise.

“If someone is in danger,” Chief Dravovitch stated, “we are going in whether they like it or not. If it’s a situation where we need video, that they might have or anything like that, we may have to apply for a warrant. And that’s fine: we don’t mind doing that. If we have a good enough reason, we’ll get the warrant that we need.”

The Jousting Lemur’s alcohol license can be revoked if the owner commits certain offenses, like committing a felony or making several alcohol violations.