What’s the ideal holiday spending budget that won’t stress you out or add considerably to your debt load?

A data survey by personal financial website WalletHub suggests, at least for those living in the Bismarck area, $981 will do the trick.

That’s the amount WalletHub estimates you can be comfortable with spending during the holidays without putting yourself in a financial bind after the holidays.

WalletHub came up with optimum holiday budgets for people living in 570 cities across the nation using metrics such as such as income, age and savings-to-monthly expenses ratios — all derived from available public data.

A higher income might not necessarily mean a higher holiday spending budget if personal and living expenses are also high and savings are low.

If you live in the Fargo area, a resident’s comfortable holiday budget should be about $869, according to the WalletHub data.

You can read the full data survey, along with the methodology used, here.