BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — An annual summer camp is aiming to teach elementary school children why kindness goes a long way.

Camp Kindness, which is hosted by Surprise Church, lasts for three fun-filled days. The camp is being held at Northridge Elementary School by Surprise Church from June 21-23.

“The whole point of Camp Kindness is to teach kids how to lead through being kind,” said Captain Kindness (aka Matt Anderson), the pastor of Surprise Church Bismarck. “Everybody wants to see more kindness. Schools, families, neighborhoods want to see more kindness now more than ever. And Camp Kindness has been our way to contribute to that effort to make sure that the city’s a better place to live.”

Each day of the camp has a different theme, and kids participate in various activities throughout the three hours of camp. This includes singing, dancing and praying.

“We start with music, very active music, and a skit, and a lesson, and then they do recreation which is full of games,” said Debbie Carr, the kid’s director. “And they do a craft, and a snack, and then they also have time for free play.”

Camp attendees are challenged to do a kindness mission each night to spread kindness around.

“I’ve lately gave some stuff away wanting to donate some stuff to some kids,” said Jenna Diede, an 8-year-old. “You always need to be kind to some people that might not be kind to you. And that it’s all about working together.”

Captain Kindness wants kids to know that they can make a difference in other people’s lives as well as their own.

“When you teach a kid that it’s not just something that happens to them, that life just doesn’t happen to them, that they can have influence and have leadership activity through being kind, they start to sense a sense of empowerment,” said Anderson.

There will be a kindness reunion at Surprise Church on Sunday, June 26, where camp participants will gather and sing camp songs during Sunday’s service.

Camp Kindness returned this year after two years on hold because of the pandemic.