The Kid’s Therapy Center (TKTC) in Bismarck has worked to break generational curses by exposing people of all ages to different forms of therapy. One specific program focuses on victims of trauma.

“It can be for domestic violence, past child abuse and neglect even current, like for children, child abuse and neglect. Anxiety and depression are a wide range of mental health disorders that can kind of be helped with yoga to just relax the body and release any tension or stored emotions that are held within the body,” said Therapist and Yoga Program Teacher Heather Mattheis.

Mattheis teaches yoga to people of all ages.

She’s seen TKTC patients gain self-esteem, confidence and better posture because of it. Her classes are based on Hatha yoga.

“You’re kind of slowing it down and letting people sit in the movements and relax and just choosing that stillness or that movement — what feels right for their body so they can focus on and chose what is right for themselves,” Mattheis said.

She also says this is a choice-based class for all and incorporates healing processes for trauma victims.

“We want to kind of rescue the cohesion and that’s a lot of things that happen with any violence where people are coerced with what happens to them; they don’t have a choice, so you will see I will offer choices,” she said.

Plus a huge aspect of yoga is breathing, which also makes way for healthy healing.

When grouped together, the goals are more likely to be achieved.

“There is a study out there with the TCTSY Program that when you combine the yoga movements with traditional counseling it actually boosts the success rate of people finishing and completing their counseling and so they have a much higher success rate,” said Mattheis.

Due to the increased numbers, the center also offers one-on-one yoga and online classes upon request.