A question that lingered from last Bismarck City Commission meeting was answered this week with a response that one commissioner was not happy with.

Commissioner Mark Sponskowski asked for more information on hospital data from last year compared to this year during last meeting’s discussion, which eventually led to the passage of a “pandemic mitigation strategy” that requires masks be worn in indoor public places but doesn’t carry enforcement.

Specifically, Splonskowski requested hospital and ICU census information, the number of staffed beds and number of full-time and part-time nurses, among other information.

City Attorney Janelle Combs said she reached out to Sanford and St. Alexius. She said the hospitals were unwilling to provide the data without an ordinance requiring them to do so.

“They’ve indicated that absent some legal request or licensing that would require them to provide the data, they are unwilling to do so at this time,” Combs said.

“The hospitals are pushing us and pushing us to take measures that are controversial, but they are unwilling to give us any perspective,” Splonskowski said in response.

The commission did not move forward with considering any ordinances that could require businesses to provide them information.