BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — It’s a big job driving around and checking every single fire hydrant in the city, but that’s what Bismarck Water Department workers are doing right now.

That’s because the city water department is flushing hydrants.

Workers go around, unscrewing and oiling up the caps, and turning the valve to test the water pressure and flush out any dirt or rust.

Right now, Bismarck has around 4,600 hydrants.

The effort helps ensure they’re all in good working order for when firefighters need them.

Despite the water flowing, Bismarck city workers say most neighbors shouldn’t notice a drop in water pressure.

“We’ve seen it before where maybe one or two pounds per square inch will drop. But really, you’re not going to notice a difference for how fast we move from one hydrant to the next. You’ll really notice nothing,” Bismarck wastewater maintenance technician Cody Heinert said.

The hydrant flushing will continue for the rest of September.

City leaders say some neighbors may notice rusty water in their taps during the flushing.

They say the best way to get rid of it is by running your sprinklers.