Summer is also known as construction season. And right now, cones are lining up along the roads.

Road work has begun in Bismarck between 3rd and 9th Street on the Bismarck Expressway.

Lanes have been reduced to one lane eastbound and one lane westbound. 

Detours have been set in place for those who don’t wish to drive through the construction zone. Those that do decide to drive through are asked to slow down while in the area and proceed with caution.

“We’re replacing the cast iron water main buried underneath the ground through the process called water main bursting,” City Engineer Gabe Schell said. “So we’ll take the new pipe and we’ll burst the old pipe out of the way and pull that new pipe down through. So, it does disturb traffic a little bit because we have to run that pipe out for a length before we pull it back underneath the road.”

Road repair will remain in effect for this area for at least another week. To keep track of the cones in your area and the upcoming road repair season visit the City of Bismarck’s website.