Construction season in Bismarck is on the rise, and our city engineers are excited about the projects in store.

City Engineer Gabe Schell says work will include street maintenance, fixing existing pavements and replacing outdated water mains and traffic signals.

With construction comes closures, delays and detours. But Schell says it’s all for the betterment of those areas.

He shared one of his favorite upcoming projects with KX News that he says was funded and voted by the community taxpayers in 2018.

“We’re spending about $50 million at this point in time is what we have under contract for our 2022 construction season about $20 million of that is a 43rd Avenue reconstruction project that we have between State Street and 26th Street so it will be taking our two-lane rural ditch section type roadway that was there previously and converting that into a multi-lane facility with safety and operational improvements throughout the corridor,” said Schell.

For a list of areas that will be under construction, visit the Department of Transportation’s Bismarck District Construction Project page.