Can you still contract COVID-19 after being vaccinated? The short answer is yes.

For instance, this past week, four people in Oregon who were fully vaccinated tested positive for COVID out of 160,000 Oregonian residents who have received their second shot.

KX spoke with the Director of Hospital Medicine at CHI St. Alexius who says there is nothing to be alarmed about.

The Pfizer vaccine was found to have a 95 percent effectiveness rate, and Moderna has a 94 percent rate.

That means, while rare, some people will still get sick with the virus — but he says those who are vaccinated tend to have less severe cases of COVID-19.

“There’s still a lot not known about COVID. I think you’re better off if you’ve had the vaccine. And studies we’ve done on them so far, studies that are done on the vaccine and people who’ve got COVID do show, do demonstrate that you get less, far less sick if you’ve had the vaccination,” explained J’Patrick Fahn.

Dr. Fahn also says even if you are vaccinated you should still practice social distancing and masking.