BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The start of 2023 is upon us. Many enjoy bringing in the new year by having their own private fireworks show.

However, Bismarck Fire Department is reminding residents it’s against the law to shoot fireworks inside city limits without a permit.

“It was a number of decades ago and it was actually put up to a public vote. So, it was the citizens of Bismarck who made that decision,” said Own Fitzsimmons, Fire Marshall for Bismarck Fire Department.

Bismarck allows only certain types of fireworks displays in the city limits.

“We allow outdoor firework displays through our permitting process. The permitting process allows the fire department to implement the fire code through some very specific safety perimeters,” said Fitzsimmons.

The fireworks display would have to be performed by a professional and be able to provide their credentials and training.

“They will have to list the types of fireworks they plan to use in their display. All that gives us the criteria that we have to meet for our safety zone,” said Fitzsimmons.

If you are caught displaying fireworks without a permit within city limits, then you could be facing a class B misdemeanor.

Now if you live outside the city, you are allowed to display your own fireworks and buy fireworks at stores.

However, officials are warning those who live in rural areas to be mindful of their pets when setting off fireworks. Especially since fireworks are legal in the city limits of Mandan.

“If you are going to let your dog out in the yard to please just remember to put them on a leash or tie outside, so that they don’t get startled and jump the fence and then you’ve lost your dog,” said Cameo Skager, Communications development director at Central Dakota Humane Society.

All fireworks –no matter how small — can burn your eyes and can even cause blindness.
So please remember to be careful.

The city of Bismarck will be having fireworks on New Year’s Eve at midnight near the Bismarck Event Center. It is free to the community.