For most of us, driving 100 miles can be tiresome enough, but one Bismarck man took on 100 miles on foot.

KX News had the chance to catch up with the road-runner as he explained his motivation every step of the way.

“It feels kind of achy.” Bismarck Resident Chris Skorheim laughed, explaining how anyone would feel after running 100-miles.

“It was over the period of three days. We started from Bismarck and we ended up in Minot. Skorheim said.

He was fueled by a handful of things. The first of which is simply not wanting to give up on his bizarre mission, and, because he dedicated each mile to his grandfather, who would’ve turned 100 this year, but, his biggest goal was to fundraise.

“My cousin Jeff was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS and the treatment that he needs it’s quite expensive so I wanted to help fundraise as well for him,” he said.

For every mile, Skorheim dedicated a dollar, so stopping was never an option.

The 42-year old ran and even walked at times but never found himself alone as he had family supporting his every step of the way.

“Some of them ran with me which was great. There was always a car that was kind of leapfrogging and making sure I had enough water, making sure I had sunscreen or anything.” Skorheim said.

The 3-day journey took them through Underwood, Rice Lake, and even passing one location that was dear to his heart in Minot.

“My grandma she passed away about a year and a half, two years ago, she had dementia, and so on the way into town we actually swung passed where her old apartment was, so it was pretty cool, it definitely pulls the old heartstrings a little bit,” he said.

Once he arrived in Minot, Skorheim was greeted with a big surprise and family telling him how thankful they were to see him finish the journey.

“He keeps everyone so involved in everything and the kids look up to him and he keeps them involved in it and it’s so good for them to watch and see so supporting him, it’s easy.” Wife Sonia Skorheim said.

“It feels great, but I honestly couldn’t have done this without my family,” Skorheim said.

Skorheim says he may challenge himself to an even further distance in the future, but for now, he just wants to rest.

A GoFundMe has been started for Skorheim’s cousin, you can donate by clicking here.