BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — If you’ve always wanted to help your community, now’s your chance. Election Day may be over, but there are still vacancies in the operations of nine local entities that have vacancies to be filled, as well as the number of terms ending this year (and thus open positions).

The following is a list of local groups that support local government operations for the City of Bismarck that have open positions — including boards, commissions, and local authorities. These vacancies can be filled by any interested residents of the city.

Animal Advisory Board — A seven-member board that advises the Bismarck Police Department on companion animal policies, as well as promoting collaboration between the city and private citizens in conducting activities related to companion animals in the city, and identifying and assisting with the development of companion animal programs in the community. Two terms ending in 2022.

Board of Adjustment — A six-member board to decide appeals from an order, requirement, or determination made by an administrative official of the City of Bismarck. Two terms ending in 2022.

Forestry Advisory Board — A twelve-member board that advises and assists the City Forester in the selection, planting, maintenance, removal, and protection of trees on public property in the city. Two terms ending in 2022.

Vision Fund Committee — Committee that coordinates applications for economic development. One term ending in 2022.

Renaissance Zone Authority — A seven-member board that makes recommendations on requests for designation as a Renaissance Zone project, provides guidance on Downtown Design Review, and assists in other activities impacting the community. One term ending in 2022.

Human Relations Committee — A nine-member committee that assists in creating an atmosphere of inclusion, equality, and accessibility throughout the city of Bismark using education and outreach. Three terms ending in 2022.

Parking Authority — A group that provides convenient, reasonably-priced parking in the Downtown district. One term ending in 2022. Applicants must be property owners within the Parking Authority Boundary.

Planning and Zoning Commission — An 11-member commission that hears requests for subdivision plats, zoning changes, zoning ordinance text amendments, annexations, special use permits, and rural lot splits. 3 terms ending in 2022. Of the applicants chosen, two must reside within the City of Bismarck, and one must reside in the Extraterritorial Area.

Historic Preservation Commission — A seven-member board that carries out matters related to the Historic Preservation Ordinance of the City of Bismarck. Two terms ending in 2022. All candidates must be associated with a discipline relating to architecture, history, architectural history or planning archaeology, or other historic preservation-related disciplines such as American studies, American civilization, cultural geography, or cultural anthropology.

Individuals interested in any of these positions can apply online using this link until the end of November. Following the application deadline, applicants will be contacted by representatives from the appropriate group.

“These entities help fill a significant role in advising the city commission on key issues in our community,” said City Assistant Administrator Jason Tomanek in a press release. “The departments that provide personnel to support the various boards and committees are truly grateful for the volunteers that help guide our organization. Many people may be intimidated by these groups, but outside of some specific prerequisites for a handful of groups, the biggest thing an interested individual needs to bring to the table is a willingness to serve their community.”

For more information about city boards, commissions, and committees, contact the city of Bismarck administration at 701-355-1300.