Video courtesy Caitlin Howe-Kanski

BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Caitlin Howe-Kanski wanted to make the kids at her daycare have a laugh from some good fun, and a Bismarck Papa John’s driver delivered.

Howe-Kanski runs LOTS-O-LOVE Daycare from her home, and her kids Brekken and Rayne mentioned the “scream your food’s here” challenge.

If you haven’t heard, this challenge asks pizza delivery drivers to actually scream that their food is here. So, Brekken wrote a note and taped it to their door that asked the delivery person to scream “Caitlin, your food’s here!”

The children patiently waited for 11:30 a.m. (when the pizza was to be delivered) to hit and once they heard the delivery man arrive, Howe-Kanski said all the excitement started.

“For the delivery guy to actually participate is what made it the best though,” she said.

In the video above, you can hear the man yell “Caitlin, your food’s here!” and a very short time later, a repeated “Caitlin!” before she opened the door. In the background, you can hear the children laughing when she opened the door, and the delivery driver smiling as well.

“All the giggles, squeals and jumping makes a person’s heart burst with happiness. I don’t think he knew what he was doing coming up to the house. He made not just one, but nine little humans and my day as well,” Howe-Kanski added.

As the delivery driver was leaving, you can hear the children sending him off with a “Have a good weekend!