Bismarck Parks and Rec officials say despite the craziness of 2020, they had a pretty successful year.

On March 15 of last year, eight of their major facilities had to close due to COVID but reopened May 1 and have been going now non-stop.

Executive Director Randy Bina says with the drier, warmer weather they were able to complete a few projects things like new parks, trails and renovations to the already existing parks.

Bina also says they’ve never seen outdoor recreation busier.

“I really think it gave our citizens a new appreciation for the value that these sights have in our community. Adds to the quality of life and also the value that these sights and this activity plays. The role it plays in one’s physical health and mental health,” shared Bina.

Bina says this year they want to bring more special events and even more new parks to the Capital City.