There’s a point in the recently released Netflix movie, “Fractured,” where the main character turns to the police for help in finding his wife and daughter, who have apparently disappeared at a hospital.

It turns out, in the film, it’s the Bismarck Police helping him.

The police department and other savvy watchers of the film noticed the Bismarck Police patches, badges and side of a police car door in the movie.

There’s also a fleeting glimpse of a Metro Ambulance vehicle and North Dakota Highway Patrol cars.

The visual references are quick and you may have to watch a few scenes over or pause the playback, but there’s no mistaking it.

Which came as a surprise to the police — they were never told about their “presence” in the film until staff either watched the movie or began hearing about the references from others.

For their part, the Bismarck Police Department posted on its Facebook page, “Have you seen the movie ‘Fractured’ on Netflix? Who do we call about getting royalties?”

The police also wryly noted, ” Not sure where it was filmed at, but they seem to think Bismarck is much more rural than it actually is!”

Later, the police posted an image of their actual department patch and wrote, “They were close, but not quite!”

The authentic Bismarck Police patch
The movie version of the Bismarck PD patch

While the shape of the Bismarck Police patch in the movie matches the actual police patch, the flag arrangements and building featured in the center of the movie version patch is different from the original.

Several people commented that they had watched the movie but never noticed the Bismarck references.

“Fractured” is a suspense thriller about a man who brings his daughter to the hospital after she suffers a head injury and fractured arm. His wife and daughter go downstairs for x-rays while he rests upstairs. Later, when his family doesn’t return, he’s told they never were checked in and no one seems to recall them. The movie focuses on his efforts to find his family.