BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Some new calendars spotlighting police dogs are now for sale.

Bismarck Police are selling K-9 calendars featuring the four dogs who serve the department.

The calendars include photos of the dogs Echo, Bala, Mesa, and Titan throughout the year, including competing at the Iron Dog competition.

The money raised from the calendars helps pay for equipment and training for the dogs and their handlers.

“People see that initial six to 12-week training and then think we’re good to go for the rest of our careers. But that training is every month, we need to keep up with it. Because if they don’t use it, they lose it, just like with humans,” Bismarck Police K-9 Handler, Joseph Benke said.

“It shows that we are putting time in. We’re not just getting a dog to have a dog. And it shows our community that we care. And it’s really nice that the community cares enough to come out and watch us,” Bismarck Police Sgt. Lyle Sinclair said.

You can find the calendars at K-T Animal Supply in Bismarck for $10. Store owners say the calendars sell out every year.