Burleigh county’s 2022 preliminary tax budget was approved by County Commissioners Wednesday.

While it’s possible residents could see an increase in their property taxes, nothing has been finalized.

A 3.6 mill levy increase was projected, which would raise the average property tax for Bismarck residents by about $50.

Kathleen Jones, the commission chair, says the increase isn’t only about being able to provide services to the growing county.

She tells KX News, as far as the county is concerned, she doesn’t believe it will have a huge impact on households.

“We’ve got a couple years of real recovery from COVID. Depending on what happens to the national economy, it may make a big difference as to what happens to the local economy. It’s not huge dollars, 50 dollars. I don’t think you can take a family of four to McDonald’s on 50 dollars anymore,” said Jones.

The new budget’s public hearing, and vote for final approval, is set for September 15th.