A high demand for truck drivers has led to a new program.

Through the Smart Restart Technical Skills training grant from the state’s Department of Commerce, every month four new students will be able to take the CDL course at Bismarck State College.

This will allow them to apply for positions in heavy lifting or driving a tractor-trailer truck.

According to Job Service North Dakota, there are 1,100 jobs available in this field across the state.

Mike Batts is the first student to learn what it takes to be behind the wheel.

“To learn logistics of the, of all the electronics, how the industry is evolved, just to be able to operate those systems and to be able to think of traveling. I’m excited about that and to see some country,” shared Batts.

On top of having hands-on learning in an actual big rig, students also have the opportunity to test out their skills in a simulator.