BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Wednesday is National Senior Health and Fitness Day, but the Bismarck YMCA is getting a head start. They’ve dedicated an entire week to raising awareness for senior health and care.

Monday, they hosted a small showcase of different options around the Bismarck-Mandan area for senior care and assistance. Both seniors and their caretakers were able to meet with experts in fields relating to senior health, including independent living, support groups, exercise programs and healthy habits.

There were also groups who came to showcase useful assistive technology to assist seniors in being free to pursue a more open life, like telephones with closed captioning.

At the event, guest speakers also showed off technology and offered advice on topics like retirement, travel and hospice care. There were even pharmacists and health professionals nearby to help the older guests catch any health concerns they may have missed.

“We have our bone density machine here to check in on bone health,” explained Jessica Fetzer, a pharmacist with Gateway Pharmacy who was present at the expo. “We are also doing cholesterol screenings and blood glucose screenings, just to catch any outliers. Those chronic health conditions, like having high cholesterol and having diabetes, are more prevalent the older we get, so we’re able to catch some of those potentials that we would want the patients to talk to their doctor about. ”

With fears of brittle bones or sudden injuries, one may be led to believe that seniors and exercise are a bad combination, but the truth is quite the opposite: in fact, keeping active can help combat the effects of aging.

“We strongly recommend everyone, young or old, practice strength and endurance exercises within their wheelhouse of body limits,” says Fetzer, even if it’s just doing bicep curls with soup cans in your home.