Kandy Guthrie is reading many handwritten messages of hope for cancer patients that will be delivered. In February 2017, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.

“I went through a stem cell transplant in August 2017 and after that, I came home to recuperate from that,” Guthrie said.

A dream she once wished for came true as she now works with cancer patients serving as the patient access representative in the Sanford Infusion Center, giving her support.

“You just have to stay positive, and a lot of the patients give me positive feedback and I hope that I can give it back to them,” Guthrie said.

About 80 blankets donated by Kramer Subaru will be delivered to patients all summer long, giving them the warmth of love and community.

“I hope that they feel a sense of comfort and that somebody is wishing them the best and wanting them to have some sort of reprieve in that moment that they’re able to hold a blanket or be under a blanket,” Kramer Subaru community relations coordinator Terri Woo said.

Woo said the blankets are also a reminder that patients are not battling cancer alone, “I know that the struggle is out there for everyone. We’ve all been impacted. Cancer across the board affects several millions of people as we know.”