Some healthcare workers go to great lengths to make sure patients get the care they need.

KX News talked to Randy Schwan, the vice president of Trinity Hospital on Wednesday and he explained what they’re doing to ensure the safety of their patients and their staff.

On Tuesday afternoon, Trinity Hospital proclaimed a code white.

A code white is an extreme weather advisory that lets staff know that once they come in for their shift, they could be there to stay until further notice.

Needless to say, that’s exactly what the weather called for.

“It’s humbling to watch people come to work with suitcases in hand, ready to go. They know it’s going to be a long-drawn-out affair. They hope to get home to their families like the rest of the workers in Minot. But they also know the patients and residents are a priority and they are in for the long haul,” said Schwan.

Schwan and his staff have taken unique measures to make sure they are able to get emergency services to those who need them.

They have a fleet of vehicles to get through the storm.

They even have snowmobiles to use in a worst-case scenario.

Many of these vehicles have been used in the past to respond to emergency services.

But have also been used to pick nurses and doctors up for their shifts at the hospital.

“Yeah, well, the snowmobile is the last resort and we’ve been able to get most of our staff in with the use of four-wheel-drive trucks, some have plows on them. We also have a UTV with tracks that can go to a lot of places where a truck cannot go. And they have been called upon to either resue a crew member who’s been stuck in their four-wheel-drive trying to bring a staff member in or to actually bring a physician in who needs to come in,” said Schwan.

Still, people are advised to stay off of the roads — and in the event of an emergency, call 911 and they will get to you, one way or another.

Many North Dakotans have experience with the snow and the cold, but accidents can happen so it’s important to be prepared with emergency items in your car and in your house and follow travel advisories.

We hope everyone stays safe and warm at home until the storm is through.