A new high school and its mascot have a name.

Minot North High School Sentinels was decided by the Minot Public School Board on Thursday.

After three public surveys and over 2,700 votes, Minot North High School Sentinels was the top pick among students, staff, alumni and the public.

The board ultimately had the final say with a unanimous vote.

Board Member Miranda Schuler says she believes the Sentinel mascot, which is defined as a guard or protector, ties in perfectly with the Air Force Base, which she says is a big part of what Minot stands for.

The next step will be coming to a mutual understanding with the public regarding the enrollment boundaries with the new school, which some families have shared concerns about.

“There was a committee that was tasked with putting together the districts and the boundaries for each different school and where those schools would feed to on the middle school and the high school side. It was a big task, real big. A lot of information was took into consideration; things more than just student numbers,” said Schuler.

Soon, the design process for a logo and mascot will begin.

The new high school is set to be completed by August 2024.