Employees at Dan’s Supermarket on West Turnpike say the store only had 50-60 gallons of milk and about 15-16 cans of baby formula on Thursday — and they do not know when they will get another shipment.

This can be difficult and stressful, especially for mothers in our area.

Lactation Consultant and La Leche Leader Jaci McCaskel Kulish says new mothers stressed out in the storm should breastfeed.

She says breastfeeding releases many stress hormones and is a stress reliever for mothers.

So in severe emergencies, like the storm we are experiencing, breastfeeding is important and a good thing to do if you’re able.

“For someone who can’t breastfeed or get formula…is donor, human milk is one option if there are other people around who are breastfeeding and have a breastfeeding stash, receiving informal milk donations is something that is possible,” she said.

For information on re-lactation and how to safely breastfeed during an emergency, visit the La Leche League of Bismarck/Mandan on Facebook.