At the beginning of the year, we told you about a rural addiction treatment center partnering with local schools to go beyond addiction recovery.

They’re now bringing mental health services directly to students, that way they’re not pulled out of school.

Since we last went to Coal Country Community Health in Beulah, they’ve added another counselor. And together, a social worker and the new counselor are able to visit K-12 schools, not only in Beulah, but in Kildeer and Hazen too, every week.

They help students with issues, like depression and anxiety, that may lead to bad grades and low attendance. The schools do have counselors, but with hundreds of students, many don’t get the help they need.

“Mom and dad don’t have to take a day off of work, or a half a day off of work and have the resources to go all the way to Bismarck and back, and then the kid is missing that much school. So by going right to them, you’re just eliminating those barriers,” added Licensed Professional Counselor Talitha Schneidt.

“If they’re having problems already, at that age, it’s important so it doesn’t affect their education and their grades, because then they fall behind,” shared IMPACT Program Coordinator Tammie Alexander.

Both counselors say their days are packed with student meetings already.

If a student’s family doesn’t have insurance, Coal Country is able to work with them on a sliding pay scale.