BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Students from across the area gathered at BSC for Manufacturing Day hosted by BSC and Bobcat.

Officials with Bobcat say the company is always looking for ways to reach out to younger students to show them the different career options they offer.

“Manufacturing Day is something the industry as a whole supports,” said Dan Jones, promotions manager with Bobcat. “Anywhere you go in the United States probably there is somebody who is doing manufacturing day and Bobcat really likes to participate in that to get people interested. “

Students throughout the day were able to visit the Bobcat facility and were shown how things are manufactured.

“One of the things we walked by in the tour is our bucket cell and we have a big robot that will reach and pick up this big plate and put it into the break press,” said Jones. “Then it puts it into another machine where it welds. Then it starts the process over.”

Legacy students Kaden Werre and Zachary Horst went on the Bobcat tour. Both students encourage schools to participate in Manufacturing Day.

“It’s a great learning experience and you get to see real experience compared to the classroom. Seeing it hands-on really explains what they do day to day,” said Werre.

“My favorite part was the welding or the quality checks too,” said Horst. “That’s pretty cool with the quality checks and how they paint them and powder coating.”

Students learned about several different modules and activities the company uses, including software design, and even got to see robotic dogs.

Michael Chamberlain, an assistant professor at BSC says many students only think about the four-year programs but that there are a lot of trades where students came to study for just one or two years.

“I know the students toured the Bobcat facility and they probably saw some things they didn’t realize or didn’t know before. It’s good to get them out and exposed to different opportunities,” said Chamberlain.

Plus students were able to take home the software they learned about on Thursday.

Chamberlain says they always try to find programs that students can go home on to work on themselves.

“So if they have an interest in it when they leave here they can take that, download that software,” said Chamberlain. “I always give them my contact so if they have any questions or if they are local and they want to come back on campus. We try to make time for our students.”

Company reps with Bobcat say that right now, they have a workforce of around 700 people in Bismarck, but they are always looking to hire.

The company will be hosting a job fair next month at the Bismarck Acceleration Center as well.

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