BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Manufacturing Day is an annual event held on the Bismarck State College campus, which is meant to help make students aware of jobs available in the trades and industries throughout North Dakota.

One of these is Bobcat — whose local representatives were more than happy to help local students learn what may lie in store for them in the future.

“Bobcat, like many employers in the area, struggles with hiring, recruiting, and retaining a talented or skilled workforce,” stated Bobcat Site Operations Manager Dean Kuhn. “Partnering with BSC, and educating young people, helps prepare both the student and Bobcat for future opportunities.

During the event, local juniors and seniors got the chance to participate in various manufacturing activities throughout the day, while also learning new things about their industries.

“We went and toured Bobcat,” recalled Shiloh Christian junior Elizabeth Hatlestad. “We were able to see what it was like in a manufacturing plant, experience the work environment there, and see everything that goes into manufacturing. And then we came back to BSC, and were able to see what the school has to offer us.”

“I learned you don’t actually have to go to college for a very long time at all,” stated Shiloh Christian junior Samuel Benson. “You can even have a certificate to get cool jobs like welding and stuff like that.”

The event was funded entirely by the Impact ND grant, which hopes to help keep workers in the state. Overall officials say the day was a success, and that many students have been introduced to the opportunities available in the area around them.

“We have 119 students here from about a 60-mile radius,” stated BSC’s Dean of Automation, Energy, and Advanced Technologies Alicia Uhde. “It’s great to see a broader base of students coming in to really explore career opportunities within the state of North Dakota.”

Students say they enjoyed the experience, and added that the event really opened their eyes to more job opportunities, here in the state. They also report that they are looking forward to the next hands-on event.