Legacy High School Freshman Kale Schultz is planning his college career earlier than most high school freshmen.

“My long-term goal is to get a degree in mechanical engineering. I’m sure where I’ll take that. I’ll probably go somewhere in the route of engineering,” Shultz said.

He’ll be participating in dual enrollment at Bismarck State College and Legacy High School.

“It’s a really good opportunity. We’re looking at it and it saves almost $8,000 and two years of school,” said Schultz.

Legacy High School Principal Tom Schmidt saw an opportunity for his students to get a head start by enrolling in college and remaining a high school student all at the same time.

“What we want to do for kids is give them an opportunity for what comes next,” Schmidt said.

That opportunity still awaits as students are enrolling now for fall classes.

“I wasn’t anticipating to get it this large this quickly, but as the conversations keep evolving it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” Schmidt said.

Schultz is looking forward to getting not one but two pieces of paper in the future showing how hard’s he’s studied.

“It’ll make me feel really accomplished,” Schultz said.

Dual enrollment will start in the fall. Schmidt said this is something that hasn’t been offered locally in more than 30 years.

Schultz, along with other students, is expected to graduate with both his diploma and degree by 2025.