A fresh coffee and a fun barista can make your day before a hard day of hitting the books.

Mystic Java at the Bismarck State College campus serves several hundred regulars. Coffee mom Ronnie Martin says COVID hasn’t changed everything.

She says, “We always love to see students and staff and we always like to make coffee. So far, people still like coffee, COVID or not, they still like their coffee”

On Tuesday, BSC Chief of Police Matt Giddings wanted to connect the community with the campus police and public safety. The chief bought coffee for 93 coffee lovers.

He says, “We like to try and give back to our BSC community in a way that allows them to get to know their safety and security and police staff on campus. So that if they do have a concern or if something does come up, then they can reach out to us and feel safe doing so. And over coffee is one of the best ways of doing so.”

Chief Giddings is holding his third annual Matt’s Buying Coffee. It’s a free cup with a splash of togetherness.

Anna Gronbeck, a BSC student, says, “I kind of feel it’s nice, and it kind of makes us feel more appreciated, especially during this craziness of COVID.”

Another student, Kristin Johnson, says, “I kind of like it. It makes just being here a little better, honestly.”

In difficult times, a free cup of coffee is always welcome, and can make the day better.