This year has been a difficult one for students. Many weren’t able to receive the same level of recognition for their hard work, like they deserve.

However, one group of professors at Bismarck State College got creative with presenting an award for one of their students.

Allison Bargmann majored in Geographic Information Systems at BSC. She tells KX News it hasn’t been easy since COVID-19 hit.

“It’s hard and I want to be at campus,” says Bargmann.

She found out she had been named the GIS Student of the Year a few months ago, which isn’t something easy to win.

Associate Professor of Geographic Information Systems at BSC Angie Milakovic says, “It’s based on academics and I equate in a way to someone that would win a job interview.”

But due to the pandemic, her award ceremony was cancelled.

Bargmann tells KX News, “Well at first I was shocked and couldn’t even believe I got it and I was thrilled but then this came along and I thought it got sent in the mail and that was it.”

However, her professors tell me she deserved more.

Milakovic says, “She’s awesome. We love all of our students but we award her the GIS Student of the year because of her enthusiasm, she’s quick to learn, and is so willing to help other people.”

On Thursday evening, professors Mark Steele, Solli Frank and Angie Milakovic decided to present her with the award, using something you would never guess… a drone. Keeping social distancing in mind.

Bargmann says, “I’ve never seen a drone that close before or that big and when it came over the house and got that close to me it was just really cool.”

Neighbors, family, and friends all gathered for the celebration and it was a moment nobody will ever forget.

Milakovic says, “To be able to do something like this for Allison and honor her in a way she deserves to be– I think is super great.”

“It made it feel just as important as it was before and made it feel really special,” Bargmann.

The $14,000 drone was provided by Frontier Precision through a partnership, which wouldn’t have been possible without them.

There is not one other student that has been honored like this before from BSC. Congratulations Allison!

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