MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — A businessman has a new shop where he’s showing off his patriotic pride.

Jim Swartoff is known as the ‘ND Flagpole Guy.

Swartoff moved to North Dakota from Michigan to work in the oil fields, but got the idea for a new business while listening to talk radio.

A caller asked if anyone could put a flagpole in his yard. So, Swartoff started learning the ins and outs of how to put up a flagpole.           

In six years, he’s now installed around 600 flags all over North Dakota.

“In the heart of every man, woman and child is a desire to be free. Individual freedom is innate to our makeup, I believe,” Swartoff said. “Who wants to be told what to do? Even a child.”

Swartoff also offers to service where he’ll stitch and help repair any torn or tattered flags.            

You can find him on 21st street southeast in Mandan.