BOTTINEAU, N.D. (KXNET) — After Canada lifted its COVID-19 border restrictions earlier this month, you may wonder how it impacts our border towns.

Jason’s Super Foods is a full-service grocery store with seven locations throughout the state.

In Bottineau, the store manager says he has not seen a large increase in Canadian shoppers, but some people did come down to buy peaches.

However, he says that over two years ago, the store saw a large number of Canadians coming to shop.

But since the pandemic and border restrictions, the Canadians disappeared overnight.

“Yeah, they say before the Pandemic we had a lot more of a Canadian population that would come down and shop here. But during the Pandemic, you couldn’t come down and they’ve said since then, it’s kind of not existent,” said William Knodel, the store manager.

However, at Tweed Country Ag, it’s different.

The owners are from Canada and moved the business to Bottineau nearly 20 years ago.

Owner Jeremi Tweed says he has seen more Canadian shoppers this month since the border restrictions have been lifted.

He says it’s nice to see familiar faces.

“The close proximity of Canada from where we’re located, where our business was, was only about 45 miles from here into Canada. So we have great customers just across the border. And it’s nice to see some more faces again that we haven’t seen for years and also have those customers back able to cross the border with a little more ease,” said Jeremi Tweed, the owner.

Tweed says having Canadian tourism benefits all the businesses in town.

And with the holiday season coming up, businesses are looking for more customers, especially our friendly neighbors from the north.