MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Those looking for the chance to boost the aesthetic around their homes can buy a tree.

The Minot Park District sells 14 different varieties of trees this year for its Boulevard Tree Planting Program.

The trees cost $150 each and that price includes planting by the forestry department.

People have to water and care for the trees they buy for their boulevard.

“It’s good to get trees out in the community,” said Minot City Forester Troy Regstad. “They help heat and cool our homes, they provide us with oxygen, the mental aspects of trees in studies going on. And it’s good to get a different variety and diversity in the community in case we do have a disease or insect come in, so we don’t lose all our trees.”

Regstad says tree planting stops around July 4 because of the heat, and plating may resume again in the fall if there are still trees left.