BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — This Halloween, Northland Pace Senior Care Service got into the spooky spirit by hosting a party for the community’s littlest monsters.

During the festivities, children got to stay warm while collecting candy as they went trick-or-treating at Northland Pace. And kids weren’t the only ones dressing up, either — members and staff from Northland Pace were all wearing costumes as well.

“We had a little boy who was dressed as Batman,” recalled Northland Pace member Jean Stein. “He was adorable. He kept holding his arms out, but he didn’t have a cape.”

People at the Northland Pace say they miss the days when kids would come to their front doors, but a Halloween event like this brings back some of that fun — and the kids weren’t the only ones who got to enjoy something sweet.

“I’ve got little pumpkins with candy in them,” stated member Theresa Hutchison. “And Snickers, and SweetTarts. I’ve got a whole thing full right here, and we’re eating all of it. So, you can see I’m busy, I’ll be hyped up all day.”

Organizers say the event isn’t just about the candy — it’s a fun chance for kids and seniors to interact.

If you’re a parent getting your kids ready for Tuesday night, we have more information on Halloween fun you can find here.