Canadian authorities have made changes to the COVID-19 requirements for travelers entering Canada.

Authorities say arrival testing of fully vaccinated people will now be made randomly, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Travelers can now present a rapid antigen test for entry into Canada provided it was done within the last day before the trip.

Previously, only PCR tests were acceptable at Canadian borders.

Executive Director of Visit Minot Stephanie Schoenrock said this could spark a lot of economic activities locally because of the reduced restrictions.

“Way at the end of November they had temporarily dropped PCR testing and that’s when we saw the peak traffic from Canadians since then December 21st they reinstated the PCR testing and we saw a pretty sharp drop in Canadians coming down to visit. So now that PCR testing has been dropped again, as of March and just a little bit more time we expect to see a surge of Canadians,” said Schoenrock.

Candian authorities say high vaccination rates, increased access to testing and decreased hospitalizations are responsible for the adjustments.

Meanwhile, all other requirements particularly for unvaccinated travelers remain the same.