A cancer patient is getting a major home renovation for free, thanks to a generous community.

57-year-old Burt Wilhelm was diagnosed with melanoma last winter.

He says he takes $26,000 worth of medication every month.

His roof has been in pretty bad shape for the last two years and he can’t afford to redo it.

A family friend heard about Flying B’s Construction free roof giveaway in Minot and decided to nominate him.

“To go through all this … it’s, it’s tough. So, this is a Godsend. This is an absolute Godsend because while I have a few credit cards, the last thing you want to do making no money is put a roof on a credit card at 20-percent interest. So, I’m very grateful. What a group,” said Wilhelm.

Wilhelm says he’s going to get a copper-colored metal roof. It will be installed next week.