BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The Missouri River Festival is on its fifth day and the rides are in full swing. But like all industries, prices have gone up due to inflation.

Tickets are now at $30 for a wristband; last year, they were $28. The main entry fee is $4 with one free ride included. Even though the price of wristbands went up $2 this year, they have increased the discount coupon which could save you $5.

To fight inflation, Thomas Carnival is implementing new deals this year to keep people coming.

“We have the ability to on Sundays to turn in food donations, canned food donations. So, you get a $4 discount on a wristband for that,” said John Hanschen, Thomas Carnival Inc. president. “We’re also for the first time allowing grandparents to come for free. We thought they should come along with their grandchildren and their children for no charge.”

Hanschen said the slightly higher prices aren’t affecting business. He said people are still coming out to have fun and enjoy the rides and good food.

“We really enjoy seeing the customers and their families and the children enjoy coming, and it’s our challenge to show them a good time and make sure they’re happy and satisfied,” Hanschen said.

Hanschen said prices are up a bit, but it helps them with their cost of gas, labor and maintenance.

The carnival will be going on until Sunday, June 12.