BISMARCK — Census Day is April 1.

That’s why the North Dakota Department of Commerce is asking for your help with the upcoming Census.

The department told KX News the state remains several hundred workers short of what they need to guarantee the best count possible.

The shortage is so bad in western portions of the state, which includes this area, federal officials have raised the wages people will be paid to $21 per hour.

Pay has also been increased in eastern portions of the state to $17 per hour.

Those interested are encouraged to apply as soon as possible because the federally mandated background check can take several months to clear.

We spoke with the Department of Commerce about the need and importance for workers.

“The big concern I have is we end up with a large pool of out of state individuals doing this kind of work and what we really need are individuals from their own communities, I call those individuals community champions because really what they’re looking out for is the long term well being of their own communities,” said Kevin Iverson with the Department of Commerce.

For those interested in applying click here.