The Century Patriots were victorious on the football field Thursday night, but it was the Demon fans who were just a bit more generous in a food drive.

Both schools hosted their food pantry drive. Between food and money donations, the Century volunteers collected 994.4 pounds. Bismarck brought in 1,337.9 pounds.

BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Both Bismarck High and Century are hosting their food pantry competition this week.

Volunteers are collecting money and non-perishable foods to give to families in need.

Both schools will be setting up tables at opposite ends of the Community Bowl before Thursday’s game and they’re asking people to give what they can.

“Being able to look back and say, I helped out,” Century High teacher Chelsey Gravseth said. “And I know I have some students in there who are packing the pantry and probably using the pantry themselves, and I think, how cool that we’re even giving back to ourselves in some way.”

“You can’t really tell until the end when everything is added together, but I think we had 890 pounds last year at the game, which was a significant amount,” Bismarck High School teacher Wendy Hafner-Bakken said. “And our students utilize the pantry, I would say daily.”

Food items will be weighed and the school with the most pounds wins. Cash donations will be added as $1=1 pound of food.

BHS and CHS will have tables set up at the football game to collect for their food pantry. The winner will be announced at halftime of the football game.