MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — With Christmas less than a month away, people have already started to decorate their homes for the holiday.

But, there’s still time to buy some decorations for a good deal.

At the 4R Home Thrift store in Minot, Christmas decorations are dwindling down.

The store manager says people usually bring in Christmas items year-round.

“We store them up until the holiday season starts. Usually Halloween, Thanksgiving come out first. And then towards Thanksgiving, we start putting Christmas out. This year we had a plethora of them so we did a big old forty-plus tote outside and help yourself kind of thing,” said Natalie Williams.

Williams says there are many reasons people should buy secondhand decor.

But one of the main benefits is that you will likely find an uncommon and special item.

“Some of the stuff you do see at the store, or if you have a pair and one’s broken, sometimes you can find that one here. We just have a lot of unique, different things. We’ve got a lot of vintage Christmas stuff, you know older ’80s and older, that people like and come searching for. So it’s just a unique blend of items that you wouldn’t just find on the shelf new,” said Williams.

And buying secondhand will also save you money.

“Every year’s a little bit different. This year we have every piece is 25 cents, a dollar a bag, or five dollars a box. Usually, we just do fill a tote for five or ten, depending on how big the tote is.,” said Williams.

Williams says people sometimes come to the store up to the week of Christmas to buy decorations and check to see if they’re still in stock.

For every purchase over $5 dollars made at the store, 4R Home Thrift will donate a dollar to one of their organizations chosen each month.