MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Last year, KX News spoke with twins, who, for decades, have been decorating their homes for Christmas.

This is the second year the sisters have decorated in Minot.

Twins Lorraine McLeod and Lorine Tallerino share many things, even a love for Christmas.

“I love it. I drive her nuts sometimes because I’m a fanatic for Christmas decorations. Every place I go, if I see a Christmas decoration, I wanna buy. And it will drive her somewhat nuts,” said McLeod.

The sisters host an open house where people can come in and look at the different Christmas displays.

“Just for the love of Christmas, the spirit of the Holiday,” said McLeod.

And each year, the setup is never the same.

“Last year we had a four scene, a bear cave. We also had a Nordic ice seaport, which I did not put out this year. We try to make it different every year so it’s not boring,” said Tallerino.

The sisters have been collecting decor since the 1970s and have hundreds, if not thousands of items.

In fact, the last time the entire Christmas decor collection was out was in 2012.

While many of the pieces are store-bought, the twins also make some of their items by hand.

“So this Santa Claus, our Victorian Santa Claus, was handmade by her, okay? All these flowers are done by her. All that, except for my corn husk snowman, I made that, but she’s done all the other flower arrangements,” said Tallerino.

And some were even gifts.

“We used to work for the DMV and register all vehicles in California. So a friend of ours, as a gift, they miniaturized all the paper that you had to transfer a car with right? And they made it into a wreath and gave it to us. We have kept this, this is probably 30 years old easy, if not older,” said Tallerino.

Setting up usually begins in October, but this year the sisters got a late start in November.

They say they’re done putting out any more decorations.

After decorating this year, McLeod and Tallerino say they still have an entire storage unit that’s only filled with Christmas decorations.