On Saturdays, you don’t typically see garbage trucks out and about, but today, there was an exception.

“It’s our son Joel’s 5th birthday and he really wanted to see some garbage trucks,” father Seth Berman said.

And, that’s what he got, two big red garbage trucks from Circle Sanitation in Minot, right outside his front door.

“We love spending time in our communities that we service so we decided to come on down here, let him play around on the garbage truck for a little, and make his day.” Supervisor Circle Sanitation Sean Jones said.

It’s nothing but pure excitement from Joel as he climbs in and out of the trucks, but this fascination came along long before today.

“It started out garbage trucks, trains, just anything big and loud.” Berman said.

Berman says Joel’s interest started two years ago just being a kid playing with his toy cars and trucks.

“He’s always had a big interest in vehicles whether it’s just riding in them, driving in them, helping work on them, he’s all about them,” he said.

Lucky for Joel his big day didn’t just involve exploring on the big rigs, Sean Jones and the rest of the Circle Sanitation crew, brought along a few gifts to cap off Joels big day!

“I was not expecting, you know, them to go all out for us but they did and that’s so wonderful.” Mother Taylor Berman said.

Both Seth and Taylor told me Joel’s love for the big loud trucks grew a little bigger today and they hope his imagination continues to grow.