The possibility of high school ending without proper goodbyes has left some of the class of 2020 heartbroken. Due to the social distancing guidelines, many senior class traditions have been stripped from them. But one North Dakota photographer figured out a way for the senior class of Wishek to be seen all over their town.

“It’s great to see the community support us. I mean, Senior year should be the best,” said Mark Jochim, Senior at Wishek High School.

For most students, it’s a spring break that will roll into summer vacation. For seniors though, it means that they will not be able to return to the halls they’ve walked through hundreds of times, or have one last lunch with friends in the cafeteria.

“There has to be some kind of light in all of this,” said Staci Just, who photographed the Wishek Senior Class of 2020.

Hanging banners featuring graduating seniors on Main Street in Wishek was an idea photographer Staci Just got from her mother-in-law. But it doesn’t come without a cost. Just made a Facebook post on Wednesday asking for sponsors to help pay for the banners.

24 hours later, this project was fully funded.

“We just want all the seniors to know that we’re all behind you 110%. We’re very proud of you and your accomplishments,” said Troy Scherr who sponsored a banner.

Despite the shutdown, there’s hope that it will end before too terribly long.

“Hang in there stay home. It’s only gonna get worse if we don’t,” said Jochim.

“If every one of these towns could do this for their seniors, I just think it would just add a little light into their situation,” said Just.

Just says all 12 of the graduating seniors will have their banners hung as soon as she gets them back from the printers next week.