UPHAM, N.D. (KXNET) — Right now, there are more options for people to plug their homes into renewable energy sources.

Clean energy is a growing source of power supply in our country and state.

And this poses the question of who is making the switch to renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels.

So who are the kinds of customers looking for these?

“Most of them are folks that just, they’re a little bit conservative. They would like to have no reliance on other systems. They want to have their own power. They’ll keep the utility, but they want the ability to run their place on their own. And most, all of them have that same idea, even people that are more clean energy orientated, have the same ideas. Mainly those folks that just don’t want to rely on the systems that are provided by utilities,” said Dennis Latendresse, the president, and owner of Wind & Solar World.

When something happens and a person’s home loses power, there is an advantage for those using a renewable source of energy.

During winter storms last year, Latendresse says his customers were in luck because they made the switch.

“Example Williston, some of my customers were down for 30 days. And they had a solar and backup system without a generator. They were quite happy. They ran 31 days without power and did not lose power to their home and did not lose refrigeration, freezers, and things like that,” said Latendresse.

Latendresse says in 2007, he was mainly installing wind turbines, but now solar energy is growing in popularity.

And also says solar panels are cheaper and quicker to install than wind turbines.

What are kind of the steps, like say someone wanted to get a turbine or solar panels, from the time they say they want to get it to until the time it’s installed?

“For us on the solar side, that wind turbine’s longer ’cause we have to order the parts and a lot of them, there’s no more U.S. manufacturers of good turbines. There’s one that’s a five-kilowatt turbine that’s still in the U.S. They would still take four to five months to get. For solar we have, at least on the Generac side which I mostly deal with Generac, no problems. We can get a system in in a week or two, just a matter of permits,” said Latendresse.

He also says there is less of a maintenance requirement for solar panels in comparison to wind turbines.