MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — On Thursday, an unknown man entered the Minot State University Dome and parking lot intending to commit theft.

Unfortunately, incidents similar are happening across the country on college campuses more frequently, even in our region.

Kyara Brown headed to Minot State to show what type of precautions are taken at MSU to make students feel safer.

Safety-related incidents on several school campuses nationwide have a bigger spotlight cast on them in recent years.

As a result, many schools have to adjust how they go about protecting students.

Minot State University has upgraded its camera systems, partnered with Assurance to send emergency notifications, and improved its outdoor lighting.

“A significant amount of money was put into increasing the security of the lighting on campus. And that’s made a big difference. People have told me that they feel safer, knowing that they are more illuminated at night,” said Gary Orluck, the director of security at Minot State University.

Extra lighting also protects students, and not just from criminals.

Increasing streetlights encourages students to go out more at night, making isolated areas more public and safer for drivers, bikers, and joggers.

MSU has also installed a blue light system across campus, where students can press a button on the machine and it will call the police, and campus security, and will sound an emergency alarm and light.

“Especially the blue lights, because you can see one from wherever you’re at on campus. So, it is nice to know that if something does happen it’s there for you. Especially during the winter, like if something happens to your car you can just come with these blue lights, and they will come and help you,” said two Minot State University students.

Additionally, Minot State always has a security guard team on campus.

Orluck explained, “We have somebody on duty at all times, responding to calls for assistance. A lot of our calls are to help students out with getting into their room, assisting with just general needs that the students may have, or faculty or staff as well. And again, we try to be very visible and try to be detrended to discourage people from coming to campus to do anything wrong.”

The Minot State security team is always looking to increase safety protocols.

Their goal is to make MSU a place where students come to learn and thrive, and not have to think twice about their safety.