MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Community Action has resources for families and people in need of food, clothes, and gas, and they are ready for when people need them most especially during a winter storm.

When the seasons change the calls they receive go up. Each call can vary but right now, there are a lot of winter clothing requests.

“Right now we do have, we separate it out between little boy, girl items. So little girls we have infant all the way up to girls go to a 14/16 then it kind of switches over to a women’s extra small, which they equal out to be all about the same sizes. So there is a variety of different sizes all the way up. We do not have numerous of each of those sizes,” said Melissa Miller, the administrative assistant at Community Action.

But they gave out a lot of clothes. For kids, they have three pairs of snow pants left at their agency and they are girls.

Millers says they are in need of any clothing donations for kids along with men and women.

And they definitely need larger-sized clothes.

“A winter coat program where we accept donations for winter coats, gloves, hats, boots, things like that. If you are somebody that has some coats, boots, or hats or anything like that and you want to get rid of them let us know and just bring them on over and we can go through them,” said Willy Soderholm, the executive director for Community Action.

In addition to clothes, there are other programs available.

“Right around now, when the weather starts getting colder, that is when we get calls for our emergency furnace program. Because people don’t typically start their furnace anytime during the summer or early fall. Usually, it is this time when they find out there is an issue with their furnace,” said Solderholm.

To use this resource, you must be on fuel assistance says Soderholm.

Another program they have helps people keep their living quarters in shape.

“We have two crews that go out and weatherize a home. When somebody applies for the program and all of our applications, they must be income-qualified. The weatherization program, we send an estimator out there, they evaluate, see what needs to be done with the home,” said Soderholm.

After they examine the house, they start working.

“From there whatever needs to be done whether it is insulating walls, attics, replacing doors or windows, whatever is necessary then we send a crew out there to do the work. And the goal of that program is to make that home more energy efficient,” said Soderholm.

Not only does Community Action help residents become energy efficient, it helps them stay warm in the cold.

Leaders of Community Action encourage those to call in ahead of time to see what is available before they show up.