It is always great to see the community get together to make someone smile, and it is even more special when it’s on their birthday.

Just turned 9 years old today, Marcus Ell.
Marcus’s mom, Stephanie Ell says, they were supposed to spend time with family in Montana for Marcus’s birthday.

But because of the weather and rising gas prices, they could no longer go.

Marcus wanted to go there because he doesn’t have any friends his age other than his brother and sister and their friends.

She says she posted on Facebook to look for something he could do here in Bismarck to celebrate his special day.
Stephanie says after the post she recived a ton of feedback of people reaching out wanting to hang out with him!

She says that is when she got the idea to do something fun, bowling with classic cars.

Stephanie tells us she was shocked initialy and Marcus couldn’t believe all these people knew him or wanted to know him, and hang out.

Marcus told KX, he is rating this birthday a one hundred, on a scale from 1 to 10.

He would like everyone to know how awesome it is to be included and he hopes to keep in contact with several of the people who came and offered to hang out with him during the summer and that being kind can be totally awesome.

And from all of us at KX Happy Birthday Marcus!