BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — One week after the second GOP debate, Burgum is currently polling around 1% in the latest 538 poll, but despite his background, Burgum was not asked about technology or energy from Fox News moderators.  

This week, in a post made on X, Burgum stated that “Americans deserve better than what they saw last week, and they need to know a career politician isn’t the only option!”

Congressman Kelly Armstrong, who Burgum says supports his endeavors, tells KX News that despite his limited opportunities to speak, his support for Burgum strengthened even more after the second debate. 

“You know, usually, when you’re trying to fight with the moderators, that’s not a good sign in the debate,” stated Armstrong. “I think Doug Burgum was perfectly justified, and I think he was exactly right to fight with the moderators. I mean, he made the debate stage. He’s one of the candidates there. They asked a tech question. I don’t know why we wouldn’t let the guy who built a billion-dollar tech company answer it. And you know what? The world in the country could use a little more Doug Burgum right now. So yes, I still support him, and I want him to keep going.”

The next Republican presidential debate will occur on November 8 in Miami. Florida. To qualify, Candidates must obtain 70,000 unique donors, and show up at least 4% in the national polls.