If you love sweet treats, you may be happy to hear local girl scout troops have a new, and potentially easier, way to sell their cookies.

Dakota Horizons Girls Scouts are gearing up for cookie season.

Last year, COVID-19 made cookie sales pretty challenging for troops. Girl Scouts Member Specialist, Nicole Gustafson, says this year, they plan to take extra precautions.

“One of the options presented to troops is to create drive-up opportunities. So, those will vary from troop to troop and from city to city, but the idea is that a person could drive up to a booth in their car, have their order taken, pay with a credit card. So, there’s no money being handled, and then you get handed your cookies and then off you go,” said Gustafson.

Girl Scout cookies go on sale on Feb. 19 and end on March 22.

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