Snow from the blizzard is exciting for some when it comes to sculpting.

“Clearing out the whole area that I was gonna build this thing in. The snow was wet so it’s a lot heavier than I was expecting. The whole building wasn’t that hard at all, it was just the shoveling that took all the work,” Kate Little said.

Inspire Family Fellowship started a challenge to see what people were doing while stuck indoors due to the blizzard.

“Everybody is just kind of sad that it’s snowing out here in April,” Little said.

Kate Little participated in the challenge by crafting a couch, coffee table, and television bringing that in-home comfort outdoors. This is something that Little has never done before.

“Definitely not. I have never done anything like this before,” Little said.

Little invested time in the snow to mold out the best snow sculpture.

“I think it only took me about three hours which seems like a lot, but I was expecting it to last a lot longer,” Little said.

The challenge continues and a lucky winner will receive a prize.

“Whoever is the winner will get a Starbucks gift card, I’m not in it to win it,” Little said.