Crop protection specialist says if you find bees in your home, call a beekeeper — not an exterminator. Here’s why

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Finding bees around your house or in your garden can seem like a bit of a pest, but when it comes to getting rid of them, there are two ways — and one is better than the other.

You can either call an exterminator or a beekeeper.

A crop protection specialist tells us a beekeeper is the better option because they have the resources to remove them without killing these essential pollinators.

An exterminator will get the job done, but it could have some lasting impacts.

“Any insects that come in contact with that residue: ladybugs, butterflies, other types of insects, that use can have a negative impact to them on those non-targets so always keep that in mind,” said TJ Prochaska.

Prochaska also says the bees carry the insecticide into the colony and another colony of bees could try to take it over and even more, bees would die.

Plus, he says bees typically only swarm for a day or two before finding a better place to colonize.

To find a beekeeper in your area, click here.

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